Jack’s Dog Resort In Under Four Minutes

The Three Components of Dog Daycare

We believe dog daycare should excel in three areas: daycare during the day, boarding overnight, and bathing. The local daycares do not meet our standards in any of these areas.

Dogs are often kenneled in cages or put in bare dog runs. Dogs placed in kennels are kept separate from human interaction. More than one daycare leaves dogs unattended overnight. Last, there’s bathing. This process can be done in under 15 minutes. Instead, some daycares leave dogs for hours with a groomer and charge twice as much.

Looking at it all Wrong

The customer service at many daycares is sorely lacking. From the growth of pet insurance to dogs being brought into accommodating restaurants, our dogs are more than the pets of old, expected to be happy alone in a backyard. Customers are parents who walk in with children they love. Our customer service reflects this attitude.


The lack of creativity in Houston daycares is hard to understand. We have high definition cameras, sliding glass doors to make entry and exit easy, iPads to identify parents by name, online reservations, and exercise trackers.

The Dog Daycare Market Opportunity

The Washington Heights-Montrose-downtown area is growing, from high-rises to apartments, new townhomes, infrastructure improvements, and regrowth such as 1201 Oliver. And with this growth comes more people...and more dogs. 47% of Houston residents own dogs. In this surrounding area that’s 15,944 dogs! The demand for high-quality daycare is tremendous.

Our Unfair Advantage

Jack’s Dog Resort offers a membership program. Your first three days are free, and you can cancel at any time. Members also earn free stays including boarding. We live in a fast food culture, but this speed and efficiency doesn’t presently exist in the dog industry. Jack’s offers members our dog valet service and other advantages include “Drink And Plays.” A dog can be dropped off while the parent relaxes at 1201 Oliver amenities such as the brewery. Most daycares require a dog to stay for 6-12 hours or at least be charged that much. But at Jack’s we’ll happily care for your dog while you enjoy a parent’s night out, with no minimum stays or charges.

The Competition vs. Jack’s Dog Resort

We visited the 11 local dog daycares, grading them against our 31 priorities at Jack’s Dog Resort. The local daycares fell short, with the top performer at only 8.5, or 27%. The rest of the locations fell far short of this 27% score.

Jack’s Dog Resort will be different. Our 31 priorities include being the only daycare not to separate the customer from the employee by a counter and screen. We will offer a clean cage-free indoor area with ottomans, couches, and toys. We will not limit a dog's ability to roam and play.

Jack's will track and share the amount of activity your dog enjoys each day. Emailed progress reports with minutes of exercise and daily photos will set a tone of transparency, so you know the high level of care your dog receives.

Our competitors do not make it easy to view dogs on and off site. At Jack's you can watch live streaming video of your dog across the Internet and we always have an open door policy. And unlike our competition, we will offer free high-speed wifi and a lounge area where parents can work and watch their dog through one-way glass.

Our One Thing

Southwest Airlines founded their existence upon their One Thing: their goal to be a low-cost airline. They cut services believed by the industry to be mandatory. The competition scoffed. No way would that work. But of course it did.

Jack's One Thing is “Transparency loved by you. Designed for your dog, not one size fits all.” This is the foundation for every decision we make in caring for your dog.

Is there any downside?

Jack’s is new. This is an obstacle, but it’s one we’re ready for. The owner has 18 years of leadership experience, managing projects, parents, events, and finances. He has received numerous national awards and honors. Our General Manager has over 14 years of dog daycare experience, running a daycare for an absentee owner and training employees. And our Parent Director is currently the Assistant to the President of a grant foundation, managing finances and operations. Jack’s Dog Resort is brand new, but the people who will lead all our critical functions are well-seasoned pros.


Creating Jack’s Dog Resort at 1201 Oliver is a win for Lovett Commercial. We will enhance the customer experience, working with neighboring tenants to create social events such as food truck nights and “Drink and Plays”. The parent interested in the services at 1201 Oliver wants to bring their dog along for the ride to a place they trust. Jack’s Dog Resort is ready to provide that second home.